WOD or....."Workout of the day" this is where you come to find out what your coaches have in store for you. Unlike old school workouts there is a purpose and accountability for all WOD's. Some are numbered, some are timed and some are weighted. Crossfit doesn't get easier you just get better and go higher, get stronger and go faster.

Don't let the WOD scare you Crossfit is universally scalable so your trainers may tweak your time or your weights we will get better together one WOD at a time.

  • Wednesday

    A) Partner relay

    6 alternating sets between athlete 1 & 2

    15 burpees as fast as possible

    200m sprint

    B) 12 rounds of "Cindy" + some more

    5 pull ups

    10 push ups

    15 air squats

    1 snatch @95/65

    • Number of snatches increase every round by 1 rep.

    • Round 3 will have 3 snatches at the end, round 6 will have 6 snatches. Until you finish with 10 snatches.

    • 20min cap

  • Tuesday

    A) Every 3 min for 15 min


    Push press

    Push jerk

    Split jerk

    *Athlete will complete 5 push press, 3 push jerks and 1 split jerk unbroken in order for set to count.

    B) 11min Amrap

    30 double unders

    10 situps

    10 push press @95/65

    *2:1 scaling for sinlge unders

  • Monday

    A) Unbroken Complex

    12 Deadlift

    12 hang power cleans

    12 front squats

    = 1 set

    *Each set must be unbroken! Go light if need be.

    *Repeat for a total of 3 sets

    *Rest as needed between sets

    B) For time


    Deadlift 185/135

    Box jump overs 24/20

    17min cap

  • Friday

    A) Jackie

    For Time:

    1,000 Meter Row

    50 Thrusters (#45/#35)

    30 Pullups

    B) 1 rep max deadlift

  • Thursday

    A) 15 to 20 mins to work on 

    1 rm Split Jerk



    handstand push ups/ push ups 


    box jumps 

  • Wednesday

    A) 10 mins to work on:

    5 sets of max handstand hold

    B) 21 min EMOM

    Every 3 mins complete:

    150m run

    50m farmers carry 53/35 (alternating arms)

    25m overhead  walking lunges 45/25; 25/15 (use 1 plate) 

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