WOD or....."Workout of the day" this is where you come to find out what your coaches have in store for you. Unlike old school workouts there is a purpose and accountability for all WOD's. Some are numbered, some are timed and some are weighted. Crossfit doesn't get easier you just get better and go higher, get stronger and go faster.

Don't let the WOD scare you Crossfit is universally scalable so your trainers may tweak your time or your weights we will get better together one WOD at a time.

  • Thursday- kids are welcome to wod!

    A) For time W/partner

    1200m row

    60 clean and jerks@135/95

    30 Syncro Burpees

    B) Mobility / Recovery for remaining class time.

    *Everything BUT the burpees can be broken up between the two athletes as they choose.

    *Syncro burpees are counted when both athletes are making contact with the ground at the same time and fully extend at the top at the same time.

    *Little "break" from a really challenging week!

  • Wednesday

    A) Back Squats

    3 sets of 3

    3 sets of 1

    *Weights should be ascending in weight every set.

    *You should not be using the same weight for the 3 singles as you were for the 3 triples

    B) 4 rounds

    400m run

    21 Wall balls

    12 Alt. Pistols (single leg squats)

    (23min cap)

    *Do assisted pistols before moving to air squats. We want to work the movement pattern.

  • Tuesday

    A) Every 3 min x 15min (5 sets)

    11 Unbroken T2B

    10 Hand release push ups

    9 Box jump step downs

    -5min rest-

    B) Every :90 x 7:30min (5 sets)

    7 Unbroken T2B

    6 hand release push ups

    5 box jumps step downs

    *Scale as needed to finish each set in no more than 2:40.

    *If unbroken is not an option go as deeply unbroken as possible, drop then finish off the rest.

    *Scales for T2B go, Knee to elbows, Toes to hips, Strict tucks.

  • Monday

    A) *Double* Kettle bell front squats

    3 sets

    20 reps

    rest 3mins between sets

    *You choose the weight. This should be burner on both legs and core

    B) 6 min AMRAP

    30 double unders/ 45 single unders

    10 sumo  deadlift high pulls w/ KB 

    rest 2 mins

    4 min AMRAP 

    20 double unders/ 35 single unders

    8 sumo deadlift high pulls

    rest 1 min 

    2 min AMRAP

    10 double unders/ 20 single unders 

    6 sumo deadlift high pulls 

  • Friday

    For time: 


    Back squats @ 155/105; 135/ 95; 115/80


    Double unders

    Remainder of class work on a goat 

  • Thursday

    A) 4 rnds not for time 

    400m run

    15 good mornings with bar

    15 deadlifts

    B) Deadlifts


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