what strong arms you have

shoulder press/ push press complex

you will do 5 sets. find a weight that you can do the entire time of: 3 shoulder presses and 3 push presses. this will be from the rack. break up into teams and lets get some heavies over our heads.

for those that arent familiar with the shoulder press, you will be working on that movement and see ow heavy can you go for three reps




in teams of  2-4

3 rounds

-max tire flips

-50m sled pulls (coaches will determine weight)

each round is 1 min long

1 or 2 people will be at each station depending on how many in the class.

example, if you have 4 in your group, 2 will start at the tire and the other 2 at the sled and then alternate every minute. 


score-total  tire flips accumulated

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