What a week, thanks each and every one of you

Super stoked with what you all have done with the open. I’ve heard so many “ I don’t think I can’s” that turned into “I can’t believe I did” I start to get bummed when I feel we have forgotten the purpose and intent of the Open but you all never cease to amaze me. Keep the little victories coming and just shelf all of the BS.

It's week 3 of the Open and I've got the programming at least for today. There is no way I know whats coming or how it's coming so if you are doing the open scale, stop or just have fun, make the weekly WODs your own. Real the heavies back a bit, you don't want Thursday to show up and your CNS is fried. 

15 Minutes

30 Lat Jumps

30 Sit Ups

Max rep Hang Cluster 95/65

Score = Clusters

Hands leave bar set is done


To the rack for heavy 2 BS

Open Athletes heavy 7

9 Pistols between sets :)


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Hanford, CA 93230
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