Training day......

Pretty simple today........

15 minutes to get a heavy squat clan and jerk

15 minutes to get a heavy squat snatch

Here's the don't have to receive in a full squat but we will receive  with the knees bent and the hips back. Were going to break old habits and instill solid mechanix today. So if you're trainer sees you back arched , feet spread a mile apart they will want to see it going up till you get it right.

These wont be monster lifts and you don't need to write anything on the board.

Call it comp prep or life prep. Lift for safety lift for value.

Some of us missed this last week so it's a rerun

UB double unders in 4 minutes starting at 1 , stop then 2 stop then 3 ( starting and stopping is important ) get as many UB DUs as you can.....( this number can go on the board )

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