Swing it like you mean it

We are going to become intimate with the KB the next couple of weeks, swings ( American and Russian ), cleans, presses, squats and snatches. Not just because it's an awesome tool but because they are easy to transport and you can do lots of stuff with them....so they show up in comp alot. :)

So for today


KB ( 2-1.5 ) and T2B

Tight core concentric and eccentric on the bell. Own the KB don't let the KB own you.

If you're not yet there on the heavy KB thats OK why not try Russian ( there's just a little more to it but essentially instead of bringing bell over head / heels you bring it to parallel. The same hip hinge movement )

Extra work- Time permitting

Accumulate 1 min L sit on Pbars ( how long did it take you? )


Front Levers from rings as slow as possible ( fight and defy gravity )


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