A) Every 3 min x 15min (5 sets)

11 Unbroken T2B

10 Hand release push ups

9 Box jump step downs

-5min rest-

B) Every :90 x 7:30min (5 sets)

7 Unbroken T2B

6 hand release push ups

5 box jumps step downs

*Scale as needed to finish each set in no more than 2:40.

*If unbroken is not an option go as deeply unbroken as possible, drop then finish off the rest.

*Scales for T2B go, Knee to elbows, Toes to hips, Strict tucks.

730 Vaughn St. Suites A and B
Hanford, CA 93230
contact: Paloma Levin (559) 380-8323/  crossfithanford.2@gmail.com

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