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Live life....Love Life

Build your own ladder

Each round begins with 7 Bar over Burpees

plus 2 clean and jerks...starting weights...

135 Male - Males add 10# total per round

95 Female - add 5# total per round

65 Novice - add 5# per round

10 minutes climb your ladder as high as possible

As many attempts as you want but......BOB are the tie breaker

( if you think you've maxed start getting some burpees done )

Your score may look something like this 2 x 205.16 ( Cand J 205 twice with 16 BOB to finish )

Do not hoard weights and exchange 5# for 10 # when you transition ( no funnels )

Odd Object sprint-----

You will have choices :) 6 x 200

Bags, rocks, noodles, balls and plates pick a different item each time your challenge is what you make it


730 Vaughn St. Suites A and B
Hanford, CA 93230
contact: Paloma Levin (559) 380-8323/

Map - Location