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How to Develop Mental Toughness

Tuesday January 24th

40 T2B

30 Pistols

20 Burpee Box Jumps

30 Pistols

40 T2B

Rest then

Heavy single PJ / SJ

( need a rack? Use it )

Below taken without permission from Coast Range Crossfit ( sizing up my competition )

With the open just a couple months away, I've been diving into previous year's numbers, trends, and coming up with my own predictions for 2017.

Here are the average numbers for the top five masters men's athletes ages 55-59.


Fran: 4:26

Helen: 9:46

Grace: 4:14

Filthy fifty: 24:03

400m sprint: 1:42

5k run: 22:34

Clean & Jerk: 210#

Snatch: 171#

Deadlift: 390#

Back squat: 318#

Max UB pull ups: 39


While this doesn't give a complete picture of what makes a masters Games athlete. It's amazing to see just how incredibly FIT these guys are!

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