Coach Palomas seperator :)

17min time cap

25 cal row

25 kettle swings 1.5/1

25 box jump over/ 50 step ups 

25 burpees

25 push press 105/75 (50@65/35)

25 pistols (50 wall balls)

25 pull ups/ 50 ring rows 

Max cal row

I have one last short floater to throw at you guys that must be done monday, tuesday or wednesday

2 minutes

either one 15' rope climb or 200 meter run

then max rep tire flips Boys big tire / Girls small tire

Let's do this- Paloma has the leaderboard and I'm sure she's following the site so....3.2.1....go



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Hanford, CA 93230
contact: Paloma Levin (559) 380-8323/  crossfithanford.2@gmail.com

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