- The trouble is you think you have time

24 minute clock 


2 minute drill max thrusters 75/45
1 minute rest
2 minute drill max power snatch   75/45


5 minutes to set up opening weight

Claim It
Without disclosing your choices

( written on paper given to trainer )

you will be given 5 more minutes to get

1 heavy single clean and jerk

but you only have 2 attempts. Don’t bomb out !
Once written you can’t change

5 minutes to reset drill weight

1 minute max thrusters  75 /45
2minutes rest
1 minute max power snatch  74/45

Score is total Th and PS plus your best lift

( let's assume we all hit one of them )

730 Vaughn St. Suites A and B
Hanford, CA 93230
contact: Paloma Levin (559) 380-8323/  crossfithanford.2@gmail.com

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