First 15 snatch grip deadlifts

The first 15 can be different things for different athletes. What we hope happens is that EVERYONE walks away from the first 15 better at the movement than before. The first 15 WOD is a recommendation and the WOD tied to it should only be done by athletes comfortable with the movement.

So for today we will work on our snatch grip DL. You shouldn't go much higher than your 1 rm snatch spend some time finding a sweet but challenging weight, then ....... if your good with it.

6 minute EMOM- 7 snatch grip DL's plus max rep HRPU

Lets keep elbows and knees out, big chest and pull grinding those heels into the mat.

Please don't wait until last 6 to start WOD floor is clean and ready for WOD @ 15 minutes :)

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