Employee of the month

Start with 15 minutes

3 RM High Hang Squat Clean

The past couple of weeks we've been working on the concept of shrugging and pulling ourselves under the bar.

On this drill start in the preloaded high hang and AFAP shrug / pull and drop under the bar.

Better be quick with the elbows and the squat.

Avoid dipping to the mid hang :) 

12 minutes upladder

weight on the HPC ( use weight from above )

Starts with 5 T2B or 20 situps then.........

1 BJB ( box jump burpee ).....1 HPC (Hang Power Clean).....C2B ( Chest to Bar )

5 T2B or 20 situps between every round

2 BJ.....2HPC......2C2b

Got it?

Recognize the athlete in the black shirt



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