“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”


The most functional WOD ever.

The most programmed on the main site.

Your trainers will get you through it

5K run then 1rm HC

You will have 45 minutes on the clock. Your 5 K will be 3 x mile plus one trip to the stop sign and back. With the remainder work on a single heavy hang clean. 

Since these are opposing domains and the results are what they are we will do a little leaderboard for fun. No it doesn't test many of the 10 general physical skills but it challenges a few of the biggies. Let's get after these two.

730 Vaughn St. Suites A and B
Hanford, CA 93230
contact: Paloma Levin (559) 380-8323/  crossfithanford.2@gmail.com

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