2016 open is in the books

We cant just roll out of the Open we have to ease out of the open.

I have a little honor / friendly / challenging one day inhouse competition for us.

Here is the way it plays out

Against a 20 minute clock

One mile run = first score

1 rm C and J = Second score ( you will return to a bare bar )

at minute 18 its 2 minutes max rep S2OH @ 95/65 - Leave yourself time to rerack and get ready = 3rd score

No scores will be recorded on board we will have the winner on Wednesday.

Cheaters will not be prosecuted - they are prosecuting themselves

Have fun with this one ....more to come.

BTW if you are a FBer mandatory reading is Chandlers post from Friday night, Crossfit is so much more...don't miss out the best lies in you.

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