2014 Inhouse throwdown WOD1 ( 4-30-14 )

Originally posted 4-30-14 this will give all of the athletes a chance to see how a throwdown WOD works let's go ahead and judge each other ( if you are ready ) if not just have fun with it.

At the end of the WOD you will have 5 minutes for a 1 rm Thruster ( continuous clock start with bare bar )

15 Minutes of work and 2 heats we can do this :)


I had originally planned to do a different WOD then two WODs but I decided we are going to ease into this games season. We only have a 10 minute WOD to start us off. This is BT1 V2 (CFH basics)weve all been there we all know the movements (I'm saving burpees for later)

By not cramming too much into a day it will give each of us a chance to decide what division we would liketo compete in

Mens Rx'd, Womens Rx'd, Masters M and F, Int M and F and novice

Don't sweat it novice athletes we wont be judging you just encouraging you :) so let's start this off

10 minute AMRAP up ladder

3 Box Jumps, 3 Wall Balls, 3 KB......6,6,6......9,9,9.....12,12,12...................................

We will warm up, review standards, grab a judge and score sheets and get to work

Todays opener will give us a chance to iron out any rough spots and get the leaderboard started.

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